Peter McLaughlin

Music from the Desert Southwest


THE COLTON HOUSE SESSIONS,  Songs for the Southwest Produced & Engineered by Todd Phillips


In 2014, Chris Brashear, Todd Phillips, and Peter McLaughlin received a songwriting residency from the Museum of Northern Arizona.  Their goal was to create new songs that capture the rich history and incomparable beauty of the Colorado Plateau and the canyon country of the Southwest.  Thanks to Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music and the Museum of Northern Arizona for their commitment to this project and to the arts in northern Arizona.  (AZA-011, 2017)

Track Listing:

  1. Slow River Running
  2. Terlingua to Tombstone
  3. Big High Mountain
  4. She Knows the River
  5. Silverbell Mine
  6. Unforgettable Ride
  7. Wild
  8. Katie's Tune
  9. Too Thick to Drink, Too Thin to Plow
  10. Steal Away
  11. Song of the Boatman
  12. Hassayamper Blues


Navajo Rug

The Sonoran Dogs, Bluegrass and original music (DB-12 from 2017)


Track Listing:

  1. Salt Spring
  2. What a Crying Shame
  3. Navajo Rug
  4. Love Please Come Home
  5. Rough Road of Life
  6. The Best Thing I had Going
  7. Canyon Grand
  8. Last Train to Kitty Hawk
  9. Enchanted Land of New Mexico
  10. Tyler's Breakdown
  11. Another Dog in the Pound
  12. Going Back to Dixie

The Sonoran Dogs

Bluegrass & Americana (DB-11 from 2014)


Discover music that is unique and invigorating. The Sonoran Dogs bring you a one-of-a-kind CD that features some memorable bluegrass and Americana songs.  It consists of original songs, original instrumental tunes, and vocal harmonies by The Sonoran Dogs. The CD has 13 songs released on the DogBoy Record Label.

Track Listing:

  1. Monroe's Hornpipe
  2. Blue Ridge Mountain Girl
  3. Be Here to Love Me
  4. Cherokee Shuffle
  5. Turned to Sand
  6. Alice in Nogales
  7. Shenandoah Valley Breakdown
  8. Rosewood
  9. Tyler's Jig
  10. One More Dollar
  11. Faretheewell
  12. Slipstream
  13. Valley of Virginia

So Long Arizona

Emotionally-rich music CD on DogBoy Records (DB-04 from 2008)


Listen to music that inspires you. "So Long Arizona" is a masterful CD from Chris Brashear and Peter McLaughlin. Peter's father wrote the title So Long Arizona before he passed away. His son, Lee, did the cover art of the album.

Track Listing:

  1. Where the City Ends
  2. So Long Arizona
  3. The Jam on Gerry's Rock
  4. Louisville Suite
  5. The Great Western Dance
  6. Come in Stranger
  7. Bright New Morning
  8. Powell's Journey
  9. A Few Broken Pieces of Route 66
  10. That Old Train
  11. Sockdolager
  12. Desert Trails


Peter McLaughlin
Chris Brashear
Todd Phillips
Tom Rozum
Jim Watson
Neil Harry
Jody Stecher
Kate Brislin


Perfect Strangers

Perfect Strangers, bluegrass CD released on Rebel Records (REB-CD-1793 from 2003)


Great bluegrass songs and originals by an all-star band featuring Bob Black, Jody Stecher, Chris Brashear, Forrest Rose, and Peter McLaughlin.

Track Listing:

  1. Sing Me a Song
  2. Roll on, John
  3. Scofield Mine Disaster
  4. Homeless Joe
  5. The Hermit Miner
  6. Bluegrass in the Backwoods
  7. Twenty One Years
  8. Canned by the Best
  9. Evening Shade
  10. The Greatest Midwestern Fear
  11. If We Never Meet Again
  12. Pineville Breakdown
  13. Fog on the Water
  14. Wandering Boy

Cliffs of Vermilion

Cliffs of Vermilion

Original and Traditional Music CD on DogBoy Records (DB-02 from 1996)


Cliffs of Vermilion was released in 1996 and features traditional and original songs by Peter. It was produced by Laurie Lewis and includes her work, along with other acoustic luminaries like Chris Brashear, Tony Trischka, Tom Rozum, Tom Adams, David and Bill McLaughlin, Marshall Wilborn, Todd Phillips, Jerry Logan, Sally Van Meter, Darol Anger, and Mike Marshall.

From Mitch Jayne's liner notes:
"You'll find yourself listening to the guitar, of course, because Peter's style is the heart of it, but you are going to hear so much more. This is a musical trip through mountains, woods, and gold mines, to ridges, cliffs and lovely places you haven't seen as yet, that still somehow haunt your memory."

Track Listing:

  1. Augusta Ridge by Peter McLaughlin, Habañero Music (BMI)
  2. Cliffs of Vermilion by John Zarske, Tolchaco Music (BMI)
  3. Your Saddle is Emoty Old Pal (Traditional)
  4. Picking Peppers by Peter McLaughlin, Habañero Music (BMI)
  5. Bird in the Wood by Carol McComb, Liquidambar Music (BMI)
  6. Cole Younger (Traditional)
  7. Georgianna Moon by Clayton McMichen & Hoyt "Slim" Bryant, Peer Int'l Corp. (BMI)
  8. It Ain't Right by Bob Rothberg & Joseph Meyer, Bourne Co. (ASCAP)
  9. Cottonpatch Rag (Traditional)
  10. Ghosts of the Walls by Peter McLaughlin, Habañero Music (BMI)
  11. Saint Anne's Reel-Fisher's Hornpipe(Traditional)
  12. Last Letter by Rex Griffin, Anne Rachael Music Corp. (ASCAP)
  13. Quaking Aspen by Mark Simos & Kit Ashera, Devachan Music (BMI)





Chris Brashear & Peter McLaughlin Canyoneers on Copper Creek Records (CCCD-0222 from 2003)


Canyoneers is the first duet CD released by Chris & Peter and features originals, classics and fiddle tunes.

From Ron Thomason's liner notes:
"...Herein lies goosebumps, fantasy, projection, identification, peace, struggle, fear, hope, and--and this is the best part--comprehension. Robert Frost taught us that a good poem "teaches us things that we already knew." IF that's what poetry does for the intellect, then what Chris and Peter have done here does it for the soul."

Track Listing:

  1. Sad Parting, Sad Goodbye
  2. The Canyoneers
  3. Lost Canyons
  4. Little Gibson March
  5. Open Pit Mine
  6. These Old Prison Bars
  7. McMitchen's Reel
  8. Remember I Feel Lonesome Too
  9. Sad Woman From the Country
  10. Brittlebush
  11. Someday You'll Pay
  12. Roundup Time in Heaven